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Everyone can participate in the campaign against Putin’s attempt to divide Ukraine and his military intervention on sovereign Ukrainian territory.

It's simple:

Become A Maidan Supporter Now!
Simply Make 2 Phone Calls
Or Send 2 Emails
Who do you call or email?

A) Russian Consulate (416) 962-9911 Press 2 English or Russian, then Option 0 for operator
Consul General V. N. Pavlov
Business Hours 9:30 am -12:30 pm
Russian Passport Service Company
B) Invisa Logistics Services Canada Ltd. (416) 479-7386
Business Hours 9 am - 4:30 pm
General Script:
I am a Canadian who is alarmed and upset with President Putin’s meddling in Ukrainian politics via economic means, supporting ousted ex-president Yanukovich, and violating Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity through his military intervention in Crimea.  This action is in clear violation of Russia’s obligations under international law and treaties which it has signed on to.
I demand that he immediately withdraw Russian military forces from Ukrainian territory and halt all Russian activity which disrupts the peaceful and constructive work of the legitimate Ukrainian government currently in power during this transitional period.

 (Applies to phoning and emailing)

Please reply back to Steve Mazur at stevemazur107@gmail.com and Orest Steciw at luc@lucorg.com when calls or emails have been completed so that we can track the buzz created about Ukraine to the Russians.

Send to all Ukrainian community members and non-Ukrainians who want to support a free Ukraine and a safer democratic world away from Putin.

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