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Monitoring constitutional rights and freedoms in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

The events in Crimea testify about a threat to constitutional rights throughout the territory of the peninsula. Most information coming from there is biased, reflecting the desire of certain groups to take advantage of any accident in order to heat up the aggression in all social strata. This information is politicized, its character is largely propagandistic, and it completely ignores the international human rights standards. This means that no dialogue and no cooperation between the central and the local administrative organs, or between civic and informal organizations are taking place in order to guarantee human rights and liberties.

The goal of the monitoring of the constitutional rights and freedoms in the autonomous Republic of Crimea is to evaluate the local realities and to propose tools that can lower the threat to human rights and freedoms in the current situation. We will use observations, interviews with participants in the local events, polls, and information requests. The monitoring group will stay in Crimea for 7 days.
We will monitor the compliance with the Ukrainian Constitution paragraphs 24, 27, 28, 29, 33, 34, 39. Our goal is to systematize the violations and to draw conclusions. There will be a complete coverage of our activity on our Web site, as well as on our resources in social networks. The chief of the monitoring group is Volodymyr Khanas, a Maidan Monitoring project coordinator. You can ask him questions by e-mail: khanas.volodymyr@gmail.com
To support the activities of our group, which will include 10 experts, we need a financial aid of 500 hryvnyas per day per person. This will also cover the transportation costs.
We hereby announce the fundraiser, and we guarantee a complete public report on our expenditures.
You can transfer money to the following address (in US Dollars)
Benificiary: Maidan Monitoring Information Centre
EDRPOU: 38493455
Account number: 260061104 (USD)
MFO code: 334851
EDRPOU: 14282829
Telex: 732139 FUIBUX

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