четвер, 30 квітня 2020 р.

COVID-19 in Tajikistan

I have received on the ground information from Tajikistan that the number of infections among college students, including medical students in the university, is growing day by day. International organizations should pay attention to the fact that Tajikistan has closed schools and kindergartens, but not universities nor other jobs. No official quarantine has been introduced in Tajikistan, and the number of deaths due to Covid-19 is increasing day by day. International human rights lawyers and human rights organizations should recognize that the President personally has ordered that case of Covid-19 be identified instead as pneumonia. Recently the news site Akhbor published an article with a video where one can hear the voice of doctors speaking about the fact that people are dying of Covid-19, not pneumonia. Unfortunately, the face of the doctor is not visible in the shot, although one can see relatives crying at the loss of a young person due to Covid-19.